You and Your Work Space

Each staff member has an assigned workspace and are encouraged to make it your own.

Illustration showing a man holding a piece of fish in the air about to eat it at his desk while his colleague that sits across from him is wearing a gas mask and looks unhappy.

  • You are welcome to eat at your desk, however, please be mindful of aromatic foods (fish, curry, popcorn, etc.). Remember to use the compost bins in the kitchen to dispose of your food waste! Learn how to allocate your compost, recycle and trash at the Recycling & Waste Reduction website.
  • Don't leave food in your desk-side containers since they are not serviced daily. You may empty your trash and recycle bins if they become full before Tuesday at any central trash location; such as in the kitchen or the bins down the main hallway from the kitchen.
  • If you keep food at your desk then please consider keeping it in a sealed container (something more durable than a ziplock bag).
  • The current power lay out in workstations do not accommodate electrical appliances such as refrigerators, coffee machines, and microwaves. It is inappropriate to use these appliances at your workstation. These appliances should only be used in the designated kitchen areas. Fire code prohibits use of personal space heaters.


Employees are encouraged to wear their UCSF ID badge at all times, which is required for access to the building. The badge helps your coworkers know who you are, and to recognize you as a UCSF employee.

Ergonomic Needs

Did you know each department is assigned an EH&S specialist? Check out EH&S's Find Your Environment, Health and Safety Specialist page to see who your EH&S Specialist is. They have plenty of other ergonomic and safety information on their website.

Facilities Needs

Lucia Ling is the Facilities Manager for 654 Minnesota Street, and more information can be found on the Facilities Manager section of the Campus Life Services website.

Lock-up Your Stuff

In compliance with UCSF policy, please use a lock to secure your laptop to your desk. All personal items should be locked in your desk's storage area (contact your department admin if you are missing keys). UCSF is not responsible for replacing personal items that are lost or stolen.


Everyone should be equipped with some variation of a Cisco phone. If you need to reset, or set your PIN, follow the instructions from IT's Voicemail FAQ's section titled, "How do I change my (or retrieve a lost) Personal Identification Number (PIN)?".

Potential Impacts

Since we work close to AT&T Park, we feel the impact of Giants' day games. Check out the Giants schedule to see when day games occur (hint: it can be helpful to mark day games on your calendar).

Construction will continue around the building and neighborhood for the next few years. Stay up to date by visiting the UCSF Construction Impacts website.