You and Your Work Space

  • You are welcome to eat at a workstation or any shared space. Please be mindful of aromatic foods (fish, curry, popcorn, etc.).
  • Remember to use the compost bins in the kitchen to dispose of your food waste! Learn how to allocate your compost, recycle and trash at the Recycling & Waste Reduction website.
  • Remove all of your trash and recycling at the end of the day to a central location on the floor.  Custodial services will not empty trash or recycling bins at workstations or collaboration areas.


Employees are required to wear their UCSF ID badge at all times. The badge helps your coworkers know who you are, and to recognize you as a UCSF employee. Say "hello" to each other!

Facilities Needs

If you notice a leak, spill or building issue, please reach out to Facilities Services.

Secure Your Belongings

654 Minnesota Street is an open-plan and shared space building. Please be mindful of your personal belongings.