Welcome to the 654 Minnesota Street website!
We hope you find this website to be a resource for when you are at 654 Minnesota Street. This website is intended for the building occupants and visitors from within UCSF - some outsiders, too.

Let us know if you would like something added to the website by submitting a suggestion and we will do our best to fulfill your request.

Access & Security

To ensure the safety of all occupants at 654 Minnesota Street, staff members with a primary work location at 654 Minnesota Street are granted access to the building. Other criteria for gaining access to the building are:

  • You are a supervisor that has a direct report with a primary work location at 654 Minnesota Street
  • You are a staff member and your supervisor's primary location is at 654 Minnesota
  • If you don't fall in to either of the criteria above, you are able to indicate that in your request Building Access Request* *Disclaimer


Bike Rack: located at the back of the building via the loading dock. Contact WeID to get access if you need a place to store your bike during the work day.

Lactation/Wellness Room: A lactation room is located on the second floor near the restrooms.

Restrooms: Restrooms are located on each floor of the building.

Showers: Located in the first floor restrooms.

Shuttle: The Green shuttle is the only shuttle that goes to 654 Minnesota Street. It takes you to Mission Bay and China Basin.

Conference Rooms

There are several conference rooms at 654 Minnesota Street that are controlled primarily by administrative staff members in the building. If you require assistance on booking a conference room, please see the Conference Room Schedulers page or fill out the Conference Room Request Form.

The conference rooms at Mission Bay are a good alternative when rooms at 654 Minnesota Street are not available. Conference rooms at Mission Bay can be scheduled through 25Live via MyAccess.