Working Together in Shared Spaces

Dilbert cartoon illustrating how terrible an open office space plan is.

There are challenges that an open plan workspace brings. To learn more about hybrid workspaces at UCSF, visit the FAS Working Together in shared spaces page. Collaboration also means close proximity to colleagues. The following are suggested guidelines:

Chatter...We can all hear you! And this is normal. Stop by and say hello!

Our space is considered a place where we want to collaborate and talk to each other.  This means it will be noisy.

  • Staff will be taking Zoom meetings at their workstations. Headphones are required for all Zoom and telephone calls at workstations.
  • Be aware of your confidential conversations and if necessary, move to a huddle room.
  • Be mindful of those engaged in their work. Look for visual cues (sign up, headphones on, head down, etc.). Send a Teams Chat or email if needed, that way they can address your question when they are ready and will probably have a better answer.


  • Please refrain from using perfume, cologne other scented products or having flowers.  Remember that your colleagues might have allergies!