Conference Room Schedulers

Before going to the front desk to schedule a room, check out who in your department has the power to reserve conference rooms. If you would like to book a room and reside at another campus location, feel free to reach out to one of your colleagues to help you book a room.

In order to maintain control, we have a limited list of individuals who are designated to schedule conference rooms at 654 Minnesota.

UCSF Finance

UCSF Real Estate


Department Staff Member
Budget and Resource Management Taylor Mayfield
Budget and Resource Management Kathleen Bates
Budget and Resource Management Richard Chen
Budget and Resource Management Morissa Gleichenhaus
Budget and Resource Management Carol Luong
Budget and Resource Management Ljubomir Stajic
Budget and Resource Management Sarah Hislen
Budget and Resource Management Gabriella Hato
Budget and Resource Management Sarah Ritterskamp
Campus Life Services Hira Safdar
Campus Life Services Cathleen Stugard
Campus Life Services Shauna Strong
Campus Life Services Jeimy Loyola
Campus Planning Craig Culver
Campus Planning Kimberly Woo
Capital Programs Brittenne Boykin
Capital Programs Gabriela Cardona
Capital Programs Nicole Johnson
Capital Programs Alexandra Krumik
Capital Programs Mathias Lee
Capital Programs Micaela Munda
Capital Programs Lecha Price
Capital Programs Carolyn Tuft
Capital Programs Mary Wallace
Capital Programs Lael DasGupta
Capital Programs Darlene Yee
Capital Programs Bijay Tuladhar
Capital Programs Mono Simeone
Facilities John Rosendo
Facilities Janie Pena
Facilities Solomon Degu
Facilities Kari Lim
Facilities Connie Leong
Facilities James Hand
Facilities Barak Albeg
Facilities Michaella M. DeLa Cruz
Finance Service Center Kathleen Prado-Gibson
Finance Service Center Siosepa Tato
Finance Service Center Roxanne Lee
Finance Service Center Kelly Ngo
Finance Service Center Walter Chang
Finance Service Center Leonard Moon
Finance Service Center Liza Asato
Finance Service Center Steve Stugard
Finance Service Center Mark Niu
Finance Service Center Eva Yuen
Finance Service Center Bernard Jones
Finance Service Center Julie O'Neal
Office of the Senior Vice Chancellor Kim LaPean
Office of the Senior Vice Chancellor Barbara French
UCSF Finance Angelina Marinello
UCSF Finance Jalisa Scarborough
Real Estate Assets & Development Rochelle Nieva
Supply Chain Management Sarah Berhe
Supply Chain Management Desheng Chen
Supply Chain Management David Choy
Supply Chain Management James Collins
Supply Chain Management Connie Ching
Supply Chain Management Karen Wong
Supply Chain Management Tra Thanh
Supply Chain Management Lisa Trogdon
Supply Chain Management Beatrix Balais
Supply Chain Management Asha Kalra
Supply Chain Management Bob Brasher
Supply Chain Management Maria Mazzei
Supply Chain Management Laurent Mais Jr.
Sustainability Gail Lee
Sustainability Rowena Eng
Sustainability Isabel Jauregui
UCSF Police Michelle Hamilton
UCSF Real Estate Caoilfhionn Byrne
UCSF Real Estate Monica Caporale
UCSF Real Estate Stephanie Dadivas
UCSF Real Estate Karleen Rutherford-Rodeck