Huddle Rooms

There are seven dedicated Huddle rooms currently available for use on the second floor.  Huddle Rooms are designated for impromptu smaller and short-term meetings.

Guidelines   |   Map

  • Huddle Room use is unscheduled. Doors should be left open after use, chairs pushed in, and the lights should be turned off to signify availability.
  • Do not leave your belongings (documents, laptop, etc.) for an extended period of time in a huddle room - they are not meant to be a temporary office for the day.
  • Clean-up after yourself. If you spill your beverage or get something sticky on the table, wipe it up.
  • When dialing out of huddle rooms to a non-UCSF phone number, dial 9-1 (area code) XXX-XXXX. Remember, in San Francisco you have to dial (415) if that is the area code.
Huddle Room # Phone # (415) Projection
201 476-7763 Yes
211 476-4886  
211A 476-4884  
213 476-4867 Yes
248 476-7878 Yes
249 476-7856  
255 476-7883 Yes

Map highlighting huddle rooms.