Conference Rooms

There are fifteen conference rooms on the 2nd floor primarily designated for FAS employees’ use.

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When dialing out of conference rooms to a non-UCSF phone number, dial 9-1 (area code) XXX-XXXX. Remember, in San Francisco you have to dial (415) if that is the area code.

* indicates the room has video conference capabilities

Room Capacity Phone # (415) Room# Projector/Screen Video Conference White Board
Alexandria 8 476-7757 236 Yes   Yes
Balboa 6 476-6298 230 Yes   Yes
Castro 4 476-9577 254A      
Clay 6 476-4634 247 Yes   Yes
Coronet 4 476-9576 252A     Yes
Embassy* 6 476-6232 254 Yes Yes Yes
Empire 4 476-7768 250 Yes   Yes
Fox* 12 502-2769 265 Yes Yes Yes
Kabuki 6 502-3347 232 Yes    
Marina 4 476-8001 240 Yes   Yes
Orpheum* 8 476-6304 259 Yes Yes Yes
Paramount* 13 502-2770 204 Yes Yes Yes
Roxie* 8 476-6233 252 Yes Yes Yes
Tivoli* 24 476-6235 308 Yes Yes Yes
Victoria 4 476-7765 229 Yes   Yes


Conference rooms and resources are limited. When scheduling conference rooms, consider the following:

  • Each department on the 2nd floor has a designated scheduler
  • Conference Room Request Form Requests submitted by 3 pm will receive a same business day response. Any requests received after 3 pm will addressed on the next business day. If you require a conference room in less than 24 hours, please go to the front desk.
  • All conference room calendars are available in the global address book. If you have been given access, search for "654", then locate the name of the room you would like to use and add it to your meeting invite as a resource.
  • The Mission Bay campus is a short walk or shuttle ride from 654 Minnesota Street, consider booking a room via 25Live if there are no rooms available at 654 Minnesota Street.

Image of a map highlighting the conference rooms.